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Stand Out From The Crowd To Increase Your Chances Of Business Success

Have you ever wondered why some businesses really succeed and grow at a rapid pace, often times becoming the highest growth businesses with huge net profit earnings?

Standing out from the crowd can give your business a competitive edge to succeed and make money.

When you either have a unique product or service or a unique way of delivering that product or service you give people a reason to talk about your product, service or website.

When people talk about your product, service or website, they are promoting the site for you, even if they are talking negatively about your product, service or site.

Standing out from the crowd is a great internet marketing method and could lead to huge traffic spikes and make more money for your site in a single day than paid advertising could do for you over a long period of time.

Sometimes you will see websites using publicity stunts to stand out, such as when had a town rename themselves after the site for a year. This gained a huge amount of attention and shortly thereafter, eBay purchased the site. Do you think they made money?

What you have to do, is come up with some angle: Something no one else is doing or has.

Another recent example was when someone was selling advertising on their body on eBay. Now seriously, how many people are going to see the ad on one person's body? But the story gained so much media attention that the price for the advertising reached thousands of dollars and the company that won the auction was mentioned in follow-up stories in the media.

The person who sold the advertising space on his forehead for a month made a lot of money for wearing a temporary tattoo for a month and gained exposure that would have been very costly to try to buy.

In addition to the media attention from traditional sources, once word gets out, many websites will join in on the act and post a story with a link to your site which will generate link popularity for your website and that could lead to increased traffic in the long run and earn your site even more money down the road.

Coming up with a good publicity stunt could have an avalanche effect on your website's traffic and earnings.

If you are a creative person, this may be a great use of your abilities.

The way to stand out from the crowd, is to have something no one else has or is offering.

The second part of succeeding is having something that is market worthy. For example you might come up with a product or service that no one wants or is interested in.

In that case, you won't make money no matter what you do. You have to make sure there are some good reasons people need your product, service or website, no matter how unique it is.

If you idea or concept is too far ahead of it's time you may need to explain why it's the next best thing. Just because you can see all the potential uses of your product or service does not mean anyone else can. And if your potential customers don't see any need for it, you won't make money.

In fact, it would be safe to assume that no one will see the potential of your innovative product or service and you should always error or the side of providing some quick bullet items pointing out why your visitors need your product or service.

If you do that, you may be able to turn your concept into a money making goldmine.

When you create your bullet selling points, make sure you address the five key questions: Who? What? Why? Where? When?

There are no guarantees that just because your product or service is unique, stands out from the crowd, and that you covered all the bases and told people why they need it, that it will be successful.

Sometimes products are successful for no reasonable reason at all, such as pet rocks, and other times you could have the best product in the world and is simply fails and you can never figure out why.

But by thinking out of the box and coming up with a creative product or a creative way to market your product or service you are helping your chances for it to catch on.

If you can do that you would be utilizing one of the most effective internet marketing methods: Letting others market your product or service for you.

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