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Making Money While You Sleep, Play Or Do Other Things

Wouldn't it be great if you did not have to work for a living and your full time job would be cashing checks that you get to keep?

Well, believe it or not, it is actually possible to make money while you do other things and we plan on showing you several ways to accomplish this, as we build this site.

But let's give you an idea where to start.

Here is the basis of what you need to do. First, you need to create a system that is fully automated.

That requires the following basic key elements:
1) The product sells it's self (you don't have to address issues or concerns).
2) The product can ship it's self - such as a downloadable product online like software, an ebook, etc.
3) The payment system is fully automated - like using paypal to process payments.

Now in addition to that you might also want your income to grow and that will require a way for your product's marketing to grow without your intervention (or much of it anyway). One way to achieve that is to offer some type of affiliate program and let others do the marketing for you. You will need to give away some percentage of the profits but if your sales grow from month to month your net earnings will increase and you will continue to make more money every month.

But your affiliate marketing program also needs to be fully automated. To achieve this goal of making money while you sleep, play or do other things, you will not want to write out hundreds of checks each month for $50 or more each. You want to have an automatic system to distribute those payments.

Does such a system exist? There are many payment distribution systems out there that will handle automatic payments. We will cover that topic in more detail in another article.

One great feature of the Internet is that it never sleeps and if you can master internet search engine marketing (I.E. nature search) and achieve high search engine rankings, your website could generate new customers while you sleep, play or have fun.

Here are a few examples of the types of products or services fit this category:
1) eBooks - I.E. information that people are willing to pay for.
2) Software - a software product that can be downloaded on the internet.
3) Paid member's Area - if you have valuable information on your site that people are willing to pay for.
4) An advertising system - If you have a website that people want to advertise on or a directory they want to be in.
5) A valuable automatic service - such as search engine submission

The list is limitless. What types of products or services can you think of that can make money for you while you are having fun doing other things in life?

Coming Soon:
Sources of products and services you can market online and make money while you do other things.
Article with details for setting up an automatic order and download system so your product will make money round the clock.
Article on places to set up an affiliate program for your product so that your sales, and revenue, will continue to grow.

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