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Go With Your Strengths And Succeed
Do You Know What Your Strengths Are?

For over 12 years now I was involved in running an organization that helps people succeed. The organization helps people become successful consultants.

Most people would focus on the fact that consultants make more money than employee's and so they wanted to become a consultant too. What they failed to do is to identify their key strengths that will ensure that they will succeed.

They also forgot to consider that eventhough when consulting they would be doing the same type of work that they did in a job, that it's actually a business and there is a lot more involved than just doing what they did in their job but making a lot more money while doing it.

One thing that became clear when people would talk about what they wanted to do and how they were going to succeed was that most people don't even know what all their strengths are.

More importantly, people tend to focus on their weaknesses and this may be one of the key reasons that many people don't succeed in their achieving their goals or building a business.

One thing that becomes clear when you listen to people (and I mean listen carefully to what they say and do) is that people will say things like: I have to go to school to learn more about this or that. I don't know if I can be successful because I don't know a thing about this or that.

Welcome to a new and novel concept called a company. A company is a group of individuals with various strengths that complement one another (hopefully) and when looked at as a whole, have all the strengths needed to successfully more the company forward.

From the company CEO to the person that works in shipping and receiving, all of their strengths are needed for the company to work like a well oiled machine, make money and grow.

What you need to do to be very successful is take a hard look at who you are. What are you strengths? By strengths I mean things that come easy to you and people will notice that you do well.

Now, ignoring all the problems (I.E. weaknesses) you see when you look at yourself, are those strengths a great basis to build a business on or that can make you money?

If they are, just what do you do about those weaknesses that you think will hold you back from achieving your goal of building a successful business? You look for ways to compensate for them. You may structure your business so that those skills that are your weaknesses are not an obstacle, or you may decide to find a business partner that compliments your skills, or you may just decide to hire someone that can do that work, even if it's a part time job for them at first.

But what you have to keep in mind is that we all have a few strengths but many weaknesses.

We could spend a lifetime to strengthen our weaknesses and may never achieve and success in our lives or we could spend a lifetime focusing on using our strengths to their maximum potential and achieve more in a year than most people accomplish in their lifetime.

Identify your strengths
Focus on using your strengths
Maximize your chances of success at whatever you decide to do

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